The Truth About Root Canal Treatments

There are many misconceptions about root canal treatments that give root canals a bad reputation. Root Canal treatments are commonly misunderstood to this day, and many articles you see online deliver conflicting opinions on root canal treatment compared to the actual truth.

The truth is that a root canal treatment is the best option if you’re suffering from an infected, decayed, or diseased tooth. We here at Saratoga Dental, perform root canals so we can save as much of your natural tooth as possible rather than just extracting it.

How Does a Root Canal Treatment Work?

A root canal is typically performed in three stages, that can last between 30 to 90 minutes per session. These sessions can be spread out to four weeks or can be completed in one visit. Between visits, temporary fillings and anti-bacterial elements are placed inside the tooth to help settle surrounding tissue and destroy remaining bacteria.

The procedure includes cleaning, disinfecting, shaping, and enlarging the root canal and then filling that canal.

After the root canal treatment has been completed our highly skilled dentist will most likely recommend an indirect restoration (ceramic filling), or a crown, to ensure the root canal is adequately supported to enhance the longevity for your tooth.

Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

It’s very painful

Decades ago, this may have been the case, but with modern technology and anesthetics you won’t feel any more pain than a filling.

They can cause further illnesses

Some information on the internet claims that you’re more likely to become ill or contract a disease in the future but that simply isn’t true. This false claim was based on poorly designed research conducted nearly a century ago, before modern medicine understood the causes of many diseases.

It’s better to pull a tooth than have root canal treatment

Saving your natural teeth, if possible, is always the best option. Nothing artificial can replace the look or function of a natural and most root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime. Replacing an extracted tooth with a bridge or implant requires more time in treatment and can result in further procedures.

They are ridiculously expensive

It’s true that root canals can be very expensive but what is more expensive, is the future dental work you will need done if you don’t get a root canal treatment. Dentures, bridges, or implants to replace a missing tooth is over time much more costly.

We offer payment plan options for all our treatments that can help you restore your smile and not be in pain.

Do I need a Root Canal Treatment?

There are many symptoms that mean you need a root canal but the best way to know is to book a checkup appointment with one of our oral health therapists. Signs to look out for yourself are:

  • Spontaneous pain when chewing or biting
  • Your teeth feel sensitive toward hot and cold foods and drinks
  • Discoloration of the affected tooth
  • The gum near the affected tooth appears to be swelling
  • You have pus or a recurring pimple near the affected tooth

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t wait any longer and book an appointment with us today!