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NO GAP Basic Dental Services

A guide to Rebates with your health fund.

At Saratoga Dental, we believe everyone should have access to basic dental health services. That’s why we have no gap on any check-ups, cleans or x-rays, regardless of which health fund you are in.

The following treatments will incur no out of pocket expenses*;

Preventative Checks & Examinations

When the dentist checks your teeth for cavities and gum disease.

Scale and clean

The removal of plaque and calculus, followed by a clean and polish to leave teeth smooth and help prevent bacteria sticking.


Diagnostic & preventative radiography can help diagnose potential oral health issues, find cavities, examine tooth roots and bones, detect periodontal disease and check the status of developing teeth.

The above services are fully rebated for any private health insurance member – regardless of your health fund (Bupa, HCF, NIB, AHM, etc). That means there will be no out of pocket expenses for checkups, cleans or x-rays at Saratoga Dental. However – for those patients without private health insurance, the general cost for these services is approximately $190.

*For members of any private health fund registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

Claiming your Rebate With Other Services.

Depending on your level of cover and the health fund you are in, you may be entitled to a rebate on your dental bill. This can be done on the spot with HICAPS.

There will be lifetime limits for dental cover, especially for high cost treatment like orthodontics. Additionally, the waiting periods for extras policies are set by each health insurer. For that reason, once you sign up – the length of time until you can begin claiming on dental benefits will vary, depending on which insurer you’re covered by.

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman has published some examples of typical waiting periods for general treatment (i.e. extras) as a guide only. Please consult your individual policy terms and conditions for dental services. For dental services;

  • Two months for general dental services
  • Twelve months for major dental procedures (e.g. crowns, bridges)
  • One, two or three years for high cost procedures like orthodontics

We also offer finance options and payment plans to assist you in managing your dental health costs.


HICAPS stands for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.

HICAPS is an electronic health claims system, similar to EFTPOS, and allows those who have private health insurance to swipe their card at the end of their dental appointment. It enables you to claim your rebate on the spot with your health service provider.

Your rebate automatically pays your benefit electronically. There is no gap for check-ups, cleans or x-ray services so the entire cost can be claimed and covered through the HICAPS system.

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