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CEREC One-Visit Crowns

About CEREC One-Visit Crowns

A crown is a ceramic “cap” that is cemented over a specifically prepared tooth. Crowns can be fabricated in a single visit through our use of CEREC technology (tooth prepared and crown cemented on the same day) or sometimes sent to one of our Australian dental laboratories for fabrication off-site.

Same day Crowns

  • The cerec system uses Computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacture (CAD-CAM) technology. Following digital scanning of the prepared tooth/teeth, the crown, inlay/onlay is milled from ceramic blocks custom-made specifically to your prepared tooth.
  • The benefits of this technology is that you sit and wait whilst your crown is fabricated hence minimising inconvenience to you, no messy impressions and no temporary crown whilst crown is fabricated at a laboratory.

Advantages of CEREC

  • Unlike traditional crowns, Cerec crowns are completed in one visit
  • Cerec crowns are made out of porcelain so they will blend in with your teeth and won’t look unnatural
  • Cerec crowns not only look natural but feel natural. Before you know it, you’ll forget you even had the procedure
  • Cerec uses the best materials to allow for optimum functionality