Daily Dental Habits

A smile is a great first impression. By practicing daily habits that lead to strong oral health, we help set ourselves up for lifelong wellbeing, and a smile worth showing off. Dental hygiene is essential to overall health, and must be instilled from a young age, so that these practices become embedded and a part of our daily routine.

Here are just 3 simple steps we should practice each and every day.

Brush two times a day

It is essential to brush at least two times a day, for two minutes. Brushing your teeth and tongue cleans any food or beverages that have been consumed, as well as bacteria, from your mouth. This is just as important in the evening as it is in the morning, with the latter practice being essential to tackle any plaque that may have built up overnight. This acts as a preventive to other health concerns that could arise as a result of poor oral hygiene such as gum disease, which can occur as a result of plaque build-up. As well as this, brushing daily has aesthetic benefits, such as removing stains for pearly whites, and maintaining fresh breath.

The facts about flossing

The benefits of flossing are sometimes not as widely known as brushing, but flossing is just as important. Major dental concerns such as Gingivitis can be prevented by flossing. When we floss, we help reduce and counter plaque build-up that could potentially affect the gums. Going hand in hand with brushing, flossing helps reach the hard-to-reach areas that may not be as easily accessible to a toothbrush.

Consume carefully

What we eat and drink also plays a role in our overall oral health. For instance, frequently consuming acidic drinks or eating foods high in sugar could not only stain the surface of our teeth, but lead to erosion of enamel or decay. On the other hand, coloured foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and even curries, could impact the shade of white, leading to discolouration. On the other hand however, foods such as cheese, leafy greens and even almonds have positive effects on our teeth due to their nutritional contents such as protein and calcium.

Oral hygiene is essential to our overall health. Rather than just the appearance of nice looking teeth, adopting daily habits that positively contribute to strong dental hygiene play important roles for our entire mouth- including teeth, tongue, gums and palate. As well as factoring these habits into our daily lives, it is important we are fully aware of the proper ways in which we brush and floss, as well as seek advice from dental professionals on other tips such as our diet.

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